Folding Table – new concept!

an innovative folding table

Modern houses, especially in cities, are getting smaller.
When you have tiny room, you need to make smart employ of each available space.
We propose a PC table or a dining table that fits every little wall you may have.



We introduce the Compact folding table. One single FastLeg structure is placed at the center of the collapsible table and two lateral hinges guarantee stability. The opening and closing of the foldable table stays fast and easy.

The available width are 50, 60 and 70cm, the depth is 50 or 65cm, as for the other fold down table models.
Please visit the Compact table catalog .


New models of folding tables now available.

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New Table Concept introduces the 50 cm depth folding tables models and the kitchen configuration for the folding table.
The 50 cm depth foldable table is even more compact and is ideal in all the situation where the space is very limited. This slim solution can now be purchased in all the available table width: 80, 100 and 120 cm.



The “kitchen configuration” for the folding tables is the solution for customers that will use the table mainly for dining: the FastLeg structure is placed at 30 cm from the sides of the tabletop. This model allows to be comfortably seated at the folding table sides. The “studio” configuration, the original model, is the solution for customer that will use the table to studying, reading or working with the computer. The kitchen wall mount table can now be purchased in the 100 cm and 120 cm width.


Build your own foldable table?

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If you like the convenience of a space-saving, compact folding table, but you would like to have your own design or finish for the tabletop, we have made available the FastLeg structure for your projects.


In the foldable table online shop,  besides the complete  lacquered and laminated tables, you can buy the FastLeg mechanism that allows you to assembly your own  collapsible table.

We have published the technical specifications with the design of the structures. (Hey, the presentation has been showcased on the ‘How-to & DIY’ page by the Slideshare editorial team!).

Get some ideas from the customer realization images: very interesting execution of fold down design projects for tables with the FastLeg structure.

If you have a personal model, but don’t want to go through the hassle of building the folding table yourself, just ask for a quotation.

Thanks to the feedback of the folding tables possessors community, in particular to Fulvio comments, we have added more details for the wall mounting of the collapsible table.

We want to emphasize two points that seems to be challenging.
foldable tables shock absorber wall mountingFastLeg wall mounting folding table structure
–    During the FastLeg assembly, we recommend to screw the upper screw first: it is easier to reach the screw position if the lower end of the FastLeg it not fixed: you can slightly lift the structure and have more space to work.
–    The shock absorber wall mounting plate is not symmetrical: you must pay attention and choose the right position otherwise the table will not close completely.

The foldable table user manual and the compact table wall mount assembly leaflet have been updated; browse the support page to find all the information and a complete video tutorial.



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… How did we go about choosing a few colors to please everyone?

To ensure short delivery times, we decided to offer a limited choice of colors for the folding table, at least initially. My personal thought was that the best color for a collapsible table would be the same as the wall color.
However, with furniture, everyone has different ideas and individual tastes.
So, the upshot is that we currently offer three colors: black, white and red. Black and white can be combined with any other color, and red, we believe, will appeal to the greatest number of requests for a bright color (no fuchsia and green pea, please!).

We hope you understand our conclusions with respect to color, and enjoy whichever you choose!