Folding Table – new concept!

an innovative folding table


Custom Works

Folding furniture realized by our customer with the FastLeg structure. Very interesting DIY execution of fold down design projects for tables and cabinets.

In the children’s room, space is never enough. We managed to create a table for the homework and also to keep their toys ordered: magic! The FastLeg structure is robust and versatile, it can adapt to any environment.


In an apartment in the heart of Lisbon, totally renovated, the kitchen is a bit small. With the folding table we can adjust to the circumstances: for breakfast or for help in some enterprise of “culinary specialties”.
I must say I am very satisfied of the final product and so is the carpenter. The material is fantastic, according to him, and it seems to me that I am not an expert on the subject. I’m really happy, even if the cost at the end came out quite high. I think I’ll use for ten or fifteen years. My carpenter said that may last thirty years …


In Singapore, as the space for our flats are quite small, it’s great to find such a great product to customize the table top for our Kitchen cum Bar Counter. We had our contractors/carpenters to customize the furniture. We hacked away a portion of the wall of the kitchen to build a customized wooden partition, table and windows to fully utilize the space.


In a historical building in Milan, many ideas and maximum flexibility to go from a quick breakfast to a reception for more people. Putting together three Compact tables with single FastLeg, we created a mini closet that becomes workspace in the kitchen or tiny table for breakfast or a quick lunch. Moving the Tulip table in the living near the collapsible table, you can prepare a family dinner or arrange a party.




Campo Ligure
Small spaces, but great beauty, this is Liguria. Its people have learned to treasure it, exploiting every possible surface. In a beautiful house in the medieval walls of Campo Ligure,it lacked the kitchen table: the limited space and the wall slanting, it seemed impossible to find a solution.
With a small modification to the FastLeg mechanism, the folding table is ready for two! And, when you need space, it can be closed.


  1. Build you custom foldable table. Buy the FastLeg structure and add your tabletop | Folding Table - new concept! Said,

    […] Custom Works […]

  2. Lee Martin Said,

    Please can you give me a price for the fastleg structure for 3 units shipped to Northern Ireland, Thankyou

  3. renzo Said,

    Hi Lee,
    the shipping cost to Ireland for all products is Euro 25,00.
    In the check out page of the store you can choose Ireland
    as shipping country and proceed with the purchase.
    thank you.

  4. SScott Said,

    what would be the cost of:

    2 – fast legs (18″ capacity)
    1 – closing device
    2 – henge sets

    Shipped to the USA cost?

  5. admin Said,

    The overseas shipping of the FastLeg structures, the shock
    absorber (optional) and/or hinges is possible.

    For estimate about your country, please send an e-mail to

  6. fushen Said,


    i would like to purchase 2 of your hinges legs without table top because ill be using our own table top please email me the pricing for hinges i can safe more on the shipping item wont be that huge.


  7. newtableconcept Said,

    Using your own table top and have shipped to Australia
    only the FastLegs is definitely more cost convenient.
    We’ll send you the pricing for the hardware.

  8. Laura Said,

    What items do I have to purchase if I am going to use my own table top? Is the hinges kit included in the FastLeg structure or do I have to purchase it separately?

  9. admin Said,

    The items you need to purchase depend on the table top size you wish to build.
    For table length up to 75cm we suggest to build a “COMPACT” model table. The Compact model has only one FastLeg structure in the middle of the table top and one hinge at each side.
    For table length from 75cm you should to build the “STANDARD” model with two FastLeg structures, NO hinges.
    The size of the FastLeg structures to use depends on the depth of the tabletop.
    The AFLA30030IS.01, 30 cm long, is suitable for table top depth ranging from 32 cm to 47 cm.
    The AFLA45045IS.01, 45 cm long, is suitable for table top depth ranging from 47 cm to 62 cm.
    The AFLA60060IS.01, 60 cm long, is suitable for table top depth ranging from 62 cm to 90 cm.
    The hinges kit is sold separately; one kit includes two hinges, washers and screws.
    We suggest also the optional shock absorber kit; it allows a smooth and controlled table closing and it is a safety feature.
    The shock absorber kit is suitable for both Compact and Standard tables.
    All the parts came with the necessary screws, spacers and dowels.

  10. Thomas Said,

    I’m confused (sorry). I’d like the 120 wide, 65 deep table. Do I need to order the legs and hinges and shock absorber separately? Is it not sold as a set?



  11. admin Said,

    If you buy a Compact otr Standard table from the catalog,
    it comes with everything you need to set it up
    (tabletop, FastLeg structures, hinges, screws, dowels, washer,
    holes template, assembly instruction and user manual)
    except the shock absorber kit.
    The shock absorber is optional, it is an additional
    component that allows a controlled and smooth
    closure. It can be added to the table purchase.

    Legs and hinges are sold separately for
    building custom tables with personalized tabletop.

  12. Margherita Said,

    Would it be possible to mount two different Fastlegs structures on an asimmetrical tabletop? I need a trapezium table (length about 100 cm, maximum depth 80 cm minimum 30 cm) to fit in a corner and let me sit comfortably. Could it be closed with one standard leg and a compact one?
    Thank you for your kind attention,


  13. newtableconcept Said,

    Yes, it is possible to manufacture a trapezium table.
    We can use two different size FastLeg at each side:
    the 60cm FastLeg at the maximum depth and the 30cm
    Fastleg at the minimum depth.
    The structures will work and close perfectly.

  14. Glen Said,

    Can you build a standard table 120cm x 75cm and will the legs, hinges and shock absorber fit this size?
    Could provide a cost for all parts with the standard finish to the table top.

  15. Gareth Smith Said,

    Is the laminated 65 x 120 white laminated table in stock and how long will it take you to send it to England,
    looking forward to hearing from you.

  16. admin Said,

    @ Glen We do produce custom size table and we can build a Standard
    table 120x75cm.

    Please note that 75cm is the standard working height for a regular table.
    The folding table rises 2cm when open and you should leave few cm
    below the table in the closed position to be able to open it, therefore
    the 75cm deep collapsible table will be a little higher than regular.

    @ Gareth Sorry we do not have tables in stock, we propose
    many color, size, model combination, therefore we
    produce on order basis.

    The average lead time for the laminated tables is ten working
    days from the order. The shipping time to the UK is three days.

  17. Mike Benson Said,

    Laminated or lacquered? I’m sorry but I don’t understand the difference. This is to be used as a fold away breakfast bar in a kitchen. Which will be more hardwearing?

  18. admin Said,

    Laminate is a phenol or melamine finish applied to wood-based board.
    Lacquer is a multiple coat painting on polyester substrate applied to a MDF board.
    Both finishing are durable.
    The laminated table is more resistant to shock or mark.
    The lacquered finish is more stylish, well polished
    and smooth.
    For a breakfast bar, we think the laminated table
    is more hardwearing.

  19. Mattias Said,


    I want to build my own folding tabel on the side of the kitchen counter. To get them exactly the right hight should tthey be 2 cm lower? As it is an Ikea moduel that is the target, are they too weak for the screws and hinges?

    Can you explain a bit more on the shock absorbent pack as it is not clear for me?

    Are the fast leg packs only one “leg” even for the 60-85 one? If so when would you recomend 2?



  20. newtableconcept Said,

    The FastLeg structure is very robust, each leg can bear up to 100 pounds,
    but the mechanical stresses are supported by the mounting connection.
    The wood cupboard should be strong enough to support the table.
    Then you need to be careful about how much weight you put on the table.
    You may also reinforce the inside of the cabinet.

    A person in Portugal made the table out of a kitchen cabinet;
    the pictures are in this page.

    Yes, the table rises when it is opened. It raises 2cm if you
    use 3cm thick board. To be precise the table raises 1cm less than
    the board thickness. For the table top you can use any kind of wood or
    wood material you like, the important requirement is
    that the board must be at least 3 cm (1.2″) thick.

    The FastLeg item in the shop is only one piece.
    The price of the product is determined by it’s quality
    the FastLeg structure is a patented innovation
    realized in stainless steel using laser cutting systems.

    You can build a “COMPACT” table
    (suggested maximum length 75 cm – 30″) with
    one FastLeg structure and one hinges kit, while to build a
    “STANDARD” table (length greater than 75 cm – 30″) , you
    need two FastLeg structures, but not the hinges.

    The shock absorber is a safety feature and allows the table top
    to a slow and controlled closure; without it the table work perfectly,
    but you have to accompany the tabletop to its closed position.
    The shock absorber kit is an optional accessory and is
    suitable for both COMPACT and STANDARD table.

  21. Jas Said,

    Hi can I check if the FastLeg is able to support width of 70cm and length of 150cm. Or you are able to customise it by folding the table upwards instead of flipping up? Thanks

  22. Jas Said,

    I’m sorry I mean folding down the table instead of flipping up.
    Or is there possibility that we are do a double fold up of the table before touching the floor? Thanks,

  23. admin Said,

    @Jas We do produce custom size table and we can build a Standard
    table 120x70cm.

    Please note that 75cm is the standard working height for a regular table.
    The folding table rises 2cm when open and you should leave few cm
    below the table in the closed position to be able to open it, therefore
    the 70cm deep collapsible table may be a little higher than regular.

  24. Angela Said,

    Hello – is it possible to have a table top of 70×200 with the fast legs. We are looking to install a long foldable desk so two people can easily work at the table. We would want this in laminate high gloss white. If possible then can u get a quote – shipping to UK, London. Thanks!

  25. newtableconcept Said,

    @Angela We do produce custom size table and we can build a
    table 200x70cm.

    Please note that 75cm is the standard working height for a regular table.
    The folding table rises 2cm when open and you should leave few cm
    below the table in the closed position to be able to open it, therefore
    the 70cm deep collapsible table may be a little higher than regular.

  26. R J Howard Said,

    What colours are available for the lacquered tops please

  27. admin Said,

    The standard colors for the lacquered finishing are Black RAL 9011, red
    RAL 3003 and white RAL 9016. With an extra cost of Euro 30,00 you
    can have the color you like by specifying the RAL color.

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