Folding Table – new concept!

an innovative folding table


Collapsible table

The collapsible table New Table Concept has unique characteristics: this compact table in fact, lets you set up your spaces in a very original way.  This is possible thanks to the perfect melt of quality and aesthetic beauty, which are fundamentals in interior design.
The collapsible table is a very different product compared to the other traditional and folding tables, because it allows you to use the full potential of any inch of a room. The space saving features of the compact table are due to its particular patented “FastLeg” structure, the unique stainless steel closing system which guarantees the highest performances.
The collapsible table New Table Concept is a representation of the Made in Italy elegance and style.

The collapsible table is available as a Compact and Standard model.

Compact model

The new concept folding table “Compact model” has one FastLeg structure placed in the middle of the tabletop. Two hinges at the side ensure stability.

This model of foldable table allows to be comfortably seated on every table side.


Standard Studio and Kitchen models

The Standard foldable table is realized in two models:

The “Studio model” has the FastLeg structures placed at 10 cm from the sides of the tabletop.

This model of collapsible table is the solution for clients that will use the table as a desk mainly while sitting on the front side, like working with the computer, studying or drawing.



The “Kitchen model” has the FastLeg structures placed at 30 cm from the sides of the tabletop. This model of foldable table allows to be comfortably seated on the table sides.

This model is the solution when the collapsible table is mainly used for breakfast and for dining.




For all models, it is available the optional accessory shock absorber kit. It is a system that allows the self-controlled closure of the folding table. After unlocking the two structures, the collapsible desk with the shock does not fall against the wall, but it slowly reaches the closed position.
This, besides being convenient and good looking, is an added security.

FastLeg structure

The new concept folding table is based on FastLeg, a mechanism patented and registered by 2I srl.fastleg-design
View the FastLeg design details.

FastLeg is extremely compact, totally closes on itself becoming invisible, yet has a strong structure that allows the table to hold safely up to 300 pounds.

FastLeg integrates a locking system that, on the opening phase, locks automatically the table when it reaches the working position and allows the closing by simply pulling a button.

FastLeg is realized in 18/10 stainless steel 1.5 mm thick. Stainless steel combines the mechanical properties of the steel with the resistance to corrosion typical of noble metals. FastLeg is manufactured using state of the art laser cutting systems.

The pivots are grooved and safely held in position by segers.

Laminated and Lacquered finishes

The foldable table comes with the following finishes:

Lacquered board

Medium density board, lacquered in both-sides, OECE varnished on polyester substrate. The lacquered board has a superior finishing that give a good touching feeling with all rounded edges.

The standard colors available for the lacquered finishing are: white (RAL 9010), red (RAL 3003) and black (RAL 9011).
It is possible to have a custom color for the lacquered finishing by choosing from the RAL color chart.

Laminated board

Laminate is a phenol or melamine finish applied to wood-based board. It has excellent technical characteristics and it is easy to keep clean.It consists of a series of sheets of resin glued together to create a thickness of about 0.6 mm.
We are using HPL and high pressure laminate, a material compliant with EN 438/1 standards, with excellent water-repellence and resistance properties.

The standard colors available for the laminated finishing are white (laminate ARPA 0001), red (laminate ARPA 0571 oriental red) and black (laminate ARPA 0509).