Folding table New Table Concept

The folding table New Table Concept represents the new frontier of interior design thanks to its unique features and mainly to its aesthetic quality. A turning point for the furnishing and design industry, this foldable table let everyone manage each kind of space in a unique and comfortable way. In fact, the folding table New Table Concept, allows you to use the full potential of any inch folding table dining room of a room – even the most restricted – giving it a unique and original identity.

This innovation is conceived by NTC Srl, a company specialized in the wall mounted table design that has conquered the international market for its features. A piece of space saving furniture, that is also known for its refined and clean design. The foldable table New Table Concept is the most compact among all the folding tables, because it is adaptable to spaces that are really “impossible” to arrange.wall mounted table New Table Concept has a very small footprint and it’s equipped with a simple patented closing system: FastLeg.

The folding table is available in two models, Standard and Compact. The innovative wall mounted table is designed to meet any requirement related to functionality and practicality: “gaining inches” has become an essential, especially for small rooms such as studio apartments or two-room flats. Invisible and undetectable, this piece of furniture can also give a touch of class to any kind of space.

New Table Concept: an innovation which plays a significant role in revolutionising the table design so far conceived.

decorating small spaces

Decorating small spaces in London… with New Table Concept!

Decorating small spaces it is now a possible achievement, as the New Concept Table experience in London can demonstrate. The activity is significant because the interior design of tight spaces …..

Find out where is the new concept of table invisible and original

An innovation functional and practical, a table with a sophisticated design that disappears on the wall.
See how New Table Concept allows to decorate small spaces…..

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